A Seamless Blend: Matching Your Hair Extensions to Your Natural Hair Texture and Color

The fact is that hair extensions are a great option to get additional length, volume, and style in your hairstyle. The quality of the extensions is not a main factor in getting the perfect look as one can settle for any extension. It of course makes a difference if you choose the extensions that both match your hair texture and color. Below are the instructions on how to match your hair extensions with natural hair. Visit INTACT’s official website to achieve the unnoticeably flawless finish look with modern extensions.

Understanding Hair Texture

The first thing to apprehend before touching the hair extensions is knowing your natural hair texture. Do you have straight, curly, wavy, or kinky hair? It is not just the color that matters; the texture is especially important for creating a well-balanced appearance. Say, for example, you have naturally curly hair, so choose wavy or textured extensions to better match your hairstyle.

Selecting the Right Color

Color matching forms the foundation for achieving a natural piece of makeup thus blending. Start by determining the base color of your hair, and if there are any shades of a different color in it. Pick a highlight shade to blend with your natural hair since it will be almost impossible to determine the root from the tip. In case you are not sure about the most suitable shade, get some hints from a professional hairdresser, who will be happy to assist you.

Choosing the Correct Length

The length of your extensions should match that of your natural hair length to ensure uniformity and avoid any obvious inequality. If you have shorter hair, choose extensions that are as natural as possible without giving you the feeling that it’s overpowering the original length of your hair. Besides, having long locks, apply the extensions to the section that matches your natural hair length to get a natural look.

Investing in Quality Extensions

Quality matters first and foremost when it comes to hair extensions. Think about the quality of your extensions, which should be as close to human hair as possible, to achieve a more natural look and feel. Synthetic add-ons might not that well meld your natural hair and may create difficulty in styling. The investment towards premium extensions guarantees durability and allowability in various styling choices.

Experimenting with Blending Techniques

After picking the right extensions, try to mix them to get a proper and natural-looking finish. Weave in the sew-ins, braiding, or curling it to the natural hair to make the transition as smooth as possible. Besides, choose extensions of the same length as your natural hair or the shape of your hair for a more harmonic silhouette.


To make your hair extensions look natural, you should take into account your hair type and color as well as the color of your natural hair and the texture of it. Knowing your hair texture, opting for the best color and length, buying high-quality extensions, trying blending methods, and maintaining your extensions in good condition are some of the strategies you can employ to ensure a flawless and undetectable finish that blends in perfectly with your natural hair. These suggestions are definite, you will stylishly present yourself with confidence.



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