Add a Bell to Your Cat Kicker Toy

So, you’ve got this cool cat kicker toy, right? Why not kick it up a notch and add a bell for some extra pizzazz? It’ll give your cat’s playtime a jingly twist. Here’s how to do it, step by step:

You’ll Need

Here is the stuff needed:

Cat Kicker Toy

Grab your cat kicker toy—the one you can’t take apart.


Find a small, lightweight bell that’s safe for kitty play.

Needle and thread

Get some sturdy thread and a needle.


Keep them handy for snipping threads.


After preparing the stuff needed, you can follow the steps.

Bell Check

First things first, make sure your bell is in good shape—clean and without any sharp edges that could be a hazard for your cat.

Pick a Spot

Decide where you want the bell. Usually, near one end of the toy works well, so it dangles and jingles as your cat goes wild.

Thread the needle

Thread a piece of thread through the needle’s eye. Make it long enough to work with comfortably, but not so long that it gets tangled.

Bell Secure

Thread the needle through the top of the bell, pulling it down until the bell snugs up against the thread.

Place the Bell

Hold the cat kicker toy in one hand and position the bell where you want it. Make sure the thread goes through the toy’s fabric so the bell hangs securely.

Stitch It Up

Push the needle through the toy’s fabric and then through the hole in the bell several times. This creates sturdy stitches that keep the bell in place during play.

Knot it

Once you’re sure the bell is secure, tie a tight knot with the thread inside the toy to stop the bell from slipping off.

Trim the excess

Use your scissors to carefully cut any extra thread so it doesn’t pose a hazard to your cat.

Test It Out

Give the toy a gentle shake to make sure the bell jingles nicely. Ensure it’s not too loud or startling for your cat.

Playtime Fun

Now that your cat kicker toy has a bell, introduce it to your cat during playtime under your watchful eye. See how your cat reacts to the new sound and enjoys the extra excitement.


Adding a bell to your cat kicker toy is a quick and easy way to amp up playtime. The jingling adds an element of surprise and auditory stimulation that your cat will love. Just remember to check the toy regularly to make sure the bell stays put, and always put your cat’s safety first during playtime.



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