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Square 2.2.0 Released & Compatible with WHMCS 8x 28 Окт 2020

SQUARE GATEWAY VERSION 2.2.0 RELEASED WITH COMPATIBILITY FOR WHMCS 8.x   NOW Introducing Square Version 2.2.0! We have received many complaints about Square not working with WHMCS 8.x, along with some other bugs that were reported. We found out that WHMCS encrypts data in the tblpaymentgateways table, which interfered with the way we designed ... Читать далее »

Square 2.1.0 has been released! 10 Окт 2020

Square Version 2.1.0 has been released, which fixes the following bugs that were reported: Currency Conversion (Added a function to properly convert) Adding both payment amounts to the invoice and invoice history (This shows currency amount through conversion and what the card was charged, allowing the invoice to be properly marked as ... Читать далее »

Square Version 2.0.0 RELEASED! 27 Сен 2020

Square Version 2.0.0 has been released, which includes support for Recurring Payments and Refunds! Compatibility changes have been added, which will support WHMCS 8.0.0. With the change of PHP, this version will support PHP 5.6, however, this will soon be deprecated in future releases to provide more support with WHMCS 8.0.0, as the MINIMUM PHP ... Читать далее »

Square Version 1.13 Released! 13 Авг 2020

Square Version 1.13 has been released! This version implements some checks to ensure you are running a minimum version of WHMCS as a new version of WHMCS is in Beta and will not release an older version of PHP. This version also makes the form bootstrap, which means it's mobile-friendly, and will easily work with any WHMCS theme!

Square 1.12 Released with Free Promo Coupon! 2 Май 2020

Hello Everyone, We have been working on allowing the Square Form to be customized after many requests for this! Square 1.12 has been released, which allows for this, and will notify you when we release a new version of the Payment Gateway. Because the Customization feature is so new, we want to extend a ONE MONTH free trial of the Form ... Читать далее »

Square Version 1.1.0 Released! 6 Апр 2020

Hello Current and Future Clients, We are proud to announce the official release of Square Gateway version 1.1.0! Over the last several months we have received support ticket requests that the API was not processing payments, not retrieving locations, as well as showing the wrong currency. With the changes in the Square API, we were able to ... Читать далее »

Terms of Service Document! 19 Янв 2020

As we are in the process of restructuring Beast Web Services, we want you to know the original Terms of Service still remain intact, including our refund policy. By signing up for service, you agreed to these terms of service, and understand this document can change. Here is the terms of Service page: https://www.mybeastportal.com/tos.php   Читать далее »


Square Version 1.0.8 has been released! This version fixes the API url's along with the Card Nonce and processing issues the form had. This version is PCI compliant, and you will NOT need PHP Smarty Tags! The PHP Version 7.2 version works with PHP 7.3. If you are on an OWNED License, you will need to have a current updates subscription! If you ... Читать далее »


This is a QUICK announcement to update that Square Version 1.0.7 has been released, which primarily updates to the new licensing call. This version has the same features as Version 1.0.6. We have included Release Info from V 1.0.6 here: Square Version 1.0.6 has been RELEASED! If you have a Current Updates Subscription -- you may download the ... Читать далее »

Website Portal Changed! 22 Сен 2019

Hello and WELCOME to the NEW Beast Web Services, formally known as BestPHP Scripts!  I wanted to write this announcement to let you know that this is our new billing system and client portal newly named "My Beast Portal". This also means that the licensing url for the Square Gateway has changed! Please make sure that you are current on your ... Читать далее »

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