Frequently Asked Questions About Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker

You might find it difficult to find the perfect GPS dog tracker, given the large number of options available in stores. While you go through your options, you wouldn’t want to skip the Aorkuler GPS dog tracker, which has features you won’t find with other products.

People are currently buzzing about this dog tracker without cell service operation feature. To help you decide if the Aorkuler GPS dog tracker is the ideal product for you and your pet, here are some of the frequently asked questions about it.

Most Asked Questions About Aorkuler Dog Tracker

The following are some of the questions that people have asked time and time again. so below are the detailed answers to these questions:

What Is the Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker?

Introducing the revolutionary Aorkuler GPS dog tracker, a tracking device that has been specially developed for outdoor tracking in remote or suburban areas with no or poor cellular networks. Unlike other regular devices, Aorkuler employs modern satellite based GPS communication wireless communication technology to enable you to follow the movements of your pet without the need for a cellular network. The tracker guarantees an unforgettable and safe experience during each outing.

Can Aorkuler Support One Controller to Track Multiple Dogs?

Sadly, Aorkuler does not have the option to use one controller for two hunting dogs at a time. Since every Aorkuler GPS dog tracker has a specific pairing with a customized controller, it can only be used for one dog tracking. This means that you will be able to watch your pet separately and locate it correctly.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional GPS Trackers And Aorkuler?

Distinctive from conventional GPS trackers, which necessitate connectivity with cellular networks, the Aorkuler GPS dog tracker employs an advanced wireless satellite modem and ingenious design to navigate autonomously without cellular signals. Moreover, the Aorkuler pro variant includes an external antenna and better connection stability, helping to reduce positioning time and overall performance genuinely compared to other trackers.

Are Aorkuler Batteries Rechargeable Or Replaceable?

Every Aorkuler GPS dog tracker comes with rechargeable batteries which prioritizes pet owners’ convenience and are pretty cost-effective. Unlike other common trackers requiring frequent battery purchases, this tracker has a rechargeable function that promises pet owners a long-lasting performance with a possible malfunction.

Can You Charge the Aorkuler Tracker While It Is In the Shell?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to charge the Aorkuler tracker right inside the shell. It is a device with prioritized safety and integrity during the charging process. This is a significant barrier to all kinds of dangers and contributes to the prevention of all possible issues. Charging requires regular tracker extraction from the shell to achieve the highest safety results.

How to Activate the Extended 12-month Warranty?

To activate the extended 12-month warranty for your Aorkuler GPS dog tracker, all you have to do is simply send an email to service@ with your order number attached. The dedicated customer service will contact the customers to activate the warranty and guide them on any inquiries they may have.


In general, the aforementioned Aorkuler GPS dog tracker offers incomparable convenience, trustworthiness, and assurance to pet owners and represents an excellent match for your furry kids on their upcoming journeys and trails of every length. It’s our aspiration that the above-shared FAQ guide helped you to get the answers that you were looking for to pick the top tracking answer for your very best buddy! This Aorkuler GPS dog tracker may be one of the best device safety products accessible due to its unique functionalities and innovation, no matter where they go.



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