Reporting Piracy of Our Software

I found one of your scripts, and upon using the license verification, I found it is not authorized. What do I do?

Thank you for using our License Verification Portal! We take pride in our Software Scripts, and put alot of time and effort into the development of our Software. Should you find that a domain is not authorized for our software, you may either click the Report Link on the verification portal for the invalid domain or you may do the following:

  • Go to Open A Support Ticket
  • Click Abuse/Piracy
  • For the Subject type Piracy Suspected on domain (domain name)
  • Give us any details that will be pertinent to the case, and results for the invalid software license.

Once we receive the ticket, we will open an investigation and take the proper steps to resolve the situation immediately. 

We thank you for helping us fight the battle of Piracy, as it is an ongoing situation today!

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