How do I Re Issue My License?

All of our software licenses allow 10 re-issuances, unless in the case of a Development License that may be issued. The Reissue License limit protects against abuse of the system. To re-issue your license simply do the following:

  • Login to your Client Area
  • Move your mouse over Services
  • Click on either My Services or My Licenses
  • Click your Licensed Product. If you have a webhosting package, you will only see a domain, and not the license key (and cannot re-issue domains). License Keys are in the following format: 
    • Trial-
    • Monthly-
    • Owned-
    • Dev-
  • Click the Reissue Button

After you re-issue your license, your valid domains, valid directory, and ip address will be reset. Remember, each license is LOCKED to these values, so if you do happen to move to a new directory, server, domain name, etc.. you will need to re-issue your license. You can only reissue an ACTIVE license. If your license is in a SUSPENDED state, you will not be able to reissue.

Should you have to reissue past the 10 time maximum, simply contact the Technical Support Department, and we will reissue your license. Depending on the case, we may assess a fee to reissue the license.

If you have a Development license for any reason, generally those have to be reset by Technical Support. The same generally applies with a trial license, and is generally limited to ONE TRIAL per domain.


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