How does a Trial License Work?

A Free Trial license allows you to test our software for FREE for thirty calendar days. Free Trials are valid for ONE DOMAIN PER Software. Should you wish to receive another trial, you may contact the Pre-Sales Department. You will need to let us know your license key, so we can verify it in the system. IF you are granted a new trial, you will be issued a new key.

Should you wish to keep the software to upgrade to a monthly or owned license, you may do so by purchasing a new license key. You will be issued a new key respective to your software. If you do not wish to renew your license to a Monthly or Owned Key, per the Terms of Use, Acceptable Use, and Software End User License Agreement, you shall destroy any copies of the software that you may have. For protection, our software is protected by IonCube, which allows us to encrypt the code to protect the licensing measures.

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