Picking the Perfect Bag for Your Inflatable Dog Ramp for Boat

So, you’ve got this awesome inflatable dog ramp for boat, and now you need a bag to keep it all together and handy.


Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the right bag for your dog’s ramp—no fuss, just the good stuff.

Size Check

First things first, think about the size. Measure your inflatable dog ramp to make sure it fits snugly into the bag. You don’t want it too tight or too loose—just right. A well-fitted bag will protect your ramp and make it easy to carry around.

Tough Material

Look for a bag that’s made to take a beating. Since it’ll be around water a lot, it needs to be tough enough to handle it all. Think polyester or nylon with a water-resistant coating. That should do the trick.

Zip It Up Right

Check out the zippers and closures on the bag. They should be strong and not prone to rusting because they’ll see their fair share of moisture. Double zippers are a bonus since they make it easy to get stuff in and out.

Grab and Go

Consider how you’ll carry the bag. Find one with comfy handles or shoulder straps. That way, you won’t have to wrestle with it when you’re taking your dog ramp from storage to the boat.

Extra Pockets

Some bags come with extra pockets or compartments. These can be super handy for storing things like ropes, anchors, or cleaning gear for your ramp. Keep everything organized in one place for a hassle-free setup.

Let It Breathe

Make sure the bag has good ventilation. It’ll help prevent mold and mildew from setting in, especially if your inflatable dog ramp is a bit wet when you store it. Look for bags with mesh panels or ventilation holes.

Easy to clean

Think about how easy it is to clean the bag. It’s bound to get dirty, especially around water. A bag that you can wipe clean or toss in the washing machine is a winner.

Portability Perks

If space on your boat is tight, find a bag that you can fold or roll up when it’s not in use. It’ll save you space and make it a breeze to store.

Price and brand

Shop around and read some reviews before making your final decision. You don’t need to break the bank, but investing in a good brand often means better quality and durability.

Manufacturer’s Tips

Lastly, check if the folks who made your inflatable dog ramp have any bag recommendations. They might know exactly what fits your ramp like a glove.


With these pointers, you’ll find the perfect bag for your inflatable dog ramp—no sweat. It’ll keep your ramp safe, organized, and ready for action whenever you and your furry buddy set sail. A well-chosen bag is like the paddle on top of a fantastic boating experience!



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